CARSAIL - Aircraft-grade Augmented Reality HUD 


Carsail H1

Human-automobile Integration, Flying On The Roads

The pilot's responsibility is to focus on the sky in front;

without worrying about turning his head in other directions.

Thus, with Carsail H1, just like the pilot, the driver can focus on

what is in front and concentrate on driving.

Welcome to the world of Carsail H1
Panoramic View, Accurate Recording

We use AR technology for the display with clear panoramic and colorful view. The outside of the camera has a metallic protection ring, increasing the technological feel while ensuring protection fit for a king. Capture the beautiful scenes during your journey, preserve the memories, and bring another form of possibility with your driving
Enjoy Intelligent And Safe Driving

Built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 CPU comes with Android 5.0, can connect with external Wi-Fi, can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot to share the Internet with other mobile devices within the car. Supports Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC high speed pairing, sending and receiving WeChat messages by voice command during navigation and location sharing. Never miss a turn or a WeChat message. Implementing a true connection with your car while keeping you safe.
Precision, The Pilot's Temperament

Combining advanced optical technology with excellent industrial design to create a domineering yet elaborately detailed design of the highest caliber. Lightweight to tickle your fancy, just like a limited miniature model jet that you place near your front windscreen.
Global Real Time Navigation

Forgetting about complicated details, there are mountains, rivers, oceans, songs, poems and loved ones by your side to enjoy during your journey. The product implements global navigation, free national maps and information and also supports online payment, optimal route search and has built-in speed camera warning. Detailed settings for Hi-Fi microphone and the double loudspeakers. Say goodbye to complex operations, and say hello to accurate real-time navigation and voice commands

Car Augmented Reality HUD

Anti-glare (Directional enhancement), Anti-dizziness (eyebox) , Not affect peripheral vision (zero focal power)
Single reflective optical engine Android 5.0 Global Navigation Wi-Fi Bluetooth Voice control
190 ° panoramic 1080P Driving Record

Eye Level Line Of Sight, Capture The Attitude Of The Future

Based on jet fighter's HUD technology, optic mirror imaging, anti-glare, and anti-dizziness, peripheral vision is not affected.
Driving data and navigation information, incoming/outgoing calls, SMS, and WeChat messages are all projected to the front,
combining with objects in sight. Thus, eliminating the time for eyes to adjust to focal length.

Intelligent safety control

Android 5.0, 8G large memory, Implementing a connection with your car and life
Voice control/WeChat control/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/NFC

Zero Focal Power Technology

Keeps the eyesight at 1.5m-3m in front of the car, with no distortion of objects within view.
Augmented reality for a safe driving experience ensures enjoyment and safety in your travels.

Built-in 4G Network

When equipped with a 4G SIM card, as long as there is a signal, data can be downloaded from the Internet for searching and browsing web pages, photos, traffic information, etc. For every dreamer on the journey of life——besides focusing on the steering wheel, poetry and the great unknown should not be forgotten.


Zero Focal Power/Big Eyebox/Anti-glare/Android 5.0 Global Navigation/Voice Control/Driving Record/Built-in 4G Network

Tech Specs



MODEL Carsail H1

Product Type:Head-up Display

Tech Specs

Network Standards: Full Netcom With 5 Modules And 13 Frequencies (Customization Required For CDMA)

Chipset: MSM8916

Internal Storage: 8GB ROM + 1 GB RAM (Built-in 8G T-card For The Driving Recorder)

Transfer Speed: UL Up To 50 Mbps, DL Up To 300 Mbps

Bluetooth: 4.1, Supports The Master-slave Device Switch

Wi-Fi: Supported, Dual-band 2.4GHz And 5GHz, 802.11ac/b/g/n

GPS: Supported, Compatible With AGPS/GNSS/BDS

NFC: Supported

Sensor: Supports Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetic And Optical Sensors

Antenna: Built-in (Compatible With A Variety Of Signals)

Ports: USB2.0 (*1), Power (*1), MIC (*1)

Lens FOV: 190°

Depth Of Field10M

Lens Structure 1G4P+IR

Lens ApertureF2.4

Capture Format1080P @ H.264 30 fps

SensorCMOS 3.1MP (On Semiconductor-AR0330)


Power InputDC 12V X 2A

Power<10W<10W (Screen < 0.5W, Android < 10W)

Operating Temperature -10 ~ +60°C

Operating Humidity10%-90% (Non-condensing)

Screen Size1.6"

Screen Resolution320*256

Imaging Engine6.5"

View Image Size (Virtual Size)15"

View Image Distance (Virtual Imaging Distance)2 M

Perspective Focal Power

View Range140*60mm

View Angle~12°*3.5°

Optimal Viewing Distance600mm

Operating SystemAndroid 4.4

Exclusive AppAuxiliary Input, SMS/Phone/WeChat And Other Information Sharing Via The Smart Phone APP