MAXPHONE - Naked-eye 3D Smartphone 



Glasses-free 3D Smartphone

The third generation 3D liquid-crystal piezoelectric raster display technology

Dual 8-megapixel 3D cameras; real 3D image effects of human eyes to capture the depth of field

Front human eyes tracking 3D camera; 3D vibration reduction technology; supports 2D to 3D conversion

Internally and Externally

64 820 4-core Qualcomm hosts, plenty of memory,Full support 4G Netcom,
standard 3000mAh battery. Front and rear fuselage are made of 2.5D glass,
Metal frame, bottom Type-C Interface.

3D Vision, Macroscopic

The dual cameras present 3D images by capturing the deep depth
of field and bear a close resemblance to human eyes
They can take 3D photos and shoot 3D videos directly that can be
simultaneously viewed on the 3D screen of the cell phone without

Exclusive Your Fingerprint Security Guards

Unchangeable fingerprint,
just like MAXPHONE and you, you and your lover.
We always accompany each other.


The third generation 3D liquid-crystal piezoelectric raster display technology; Glasses-free 3D images;
5.5" 2K HD display; Dual 8-megapixel 3D cameras;
Real 3D image effects of human eyes; Capture depth of field;
Front camera with human eye-tracking technology and 3D vibration reduction/anti-vertigo technology;
Free conversion between 2D and 3D; Fingerprint identification on the back;
Qualcomm Snapdragon 820; Android 5.0

Tech Specs



ModelMaxphone T1

Product TypeGlass-free 3D Smartphone

Tech Specs

Network Standards:Full Netcom With 5 Modes and 13 Frequencies

Chipset: MSM8996 Chipset

InternalStorage:32GB ROM + 4GB RAM

Transfer Speed:UL Up to 50 Mbps, DL Up to 100 Mbps

Display Screen:Dimensions5.5 inches

Resolution (H) x1440 (W)

Extensible Storage:Micro SD 2560

SIM Card:Dual-SIM Card


Data Interface/Power Port:MICRO USB Type-C*1

Camera:8M+8M (Dual cameras with panoramic view)


Buttons:Power, Side Buttons Volume +/-

Sensors:Acceleration、Light / Distance Sensor、Geomagnetic Sensor、Pressure Sensor

Antenna:Built-in (Compatible with the receiver diversity)

Back 3D Camera:Pixel: Double 800W

Technology: 3D Imaging Technology

FrontCamera and SensorModules:Eye-tracking with 3D Image

Stabilization/Dizziness-prevention Technology